Wednesday, February 9, 2011

more vday, funnies, and david.

playing with aidan outside yesterday.
silly faces storyboard

david came over!
david here1

these next 2 look weird bc i had the 85 on and i had to get into our bedroom to shoot. so the light is all odd.
david here2

david here3

david here4

today, semi-snowed in (at least for the morn) - i did sawyer's vday pics :)
sawyer vday1

sawyer vday2

fake smile.
sawyer vday3

real smiles ;)
sawyer vday4

sawyer vday5

sawyer vday6

sawyer vday7

sawyer vday8

sawyer vday9

sawyer vday10

and to show you how much she's grown :) last year....
sawyer vday2