Thursday, February 3, 2011

wasting time.

by getting into the bath at 4pm. why not, right?

i *had* to take a shower today. i also *had* to waste time til EJ got home. so throw them in the bath while i shower? yep.

then i got out to snap some pics with my 85.
bathtub time1

bathtub time2

bathtub time3

bathtub time4

aidan got sawyer.
bathtub time5

sawyer got aidan.
bathtub time6

reese chillin' in her walker.
bathtub time7

anyone want to hold me accountable on picking a bathroom paint color? anyone? oooohkay.


  1. dude. we're the master of baths to waste time. like daily. haha. <3. you've seen my eface today now!

  2. oh my! i just want to eat aidan up in the first picture!! :) so cute!!!