Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 months, pigtails, and cell.

on friday, reese turned 10 months!

i decided to throw some st. patty's stuff on her ;)
10mo final2

10mo final3

10mo final4

on sat, we went for a walk with ashley/lily and then fed ducks, etc. the girls had so much fun. cell pic of how we walk with 3 ;)
2011-03-12 10.21.31

(ok, actually aidan went in the basket after 50ft of this lol)

i also had a shoot on sat -- pics on GP soon.

sunday, we went around town and ran errands. reese relaxed in her seat (cell)
2011-03-13 11.34.30

yesterday, i had plans to grab my camera, but reese didnt feel good. just look at her sad face :( ignore my squished fat face.
2011-03-14 16.51.28

today, aidan wanted to wear her "pigtail braids!"
pigtail braids1

pigtail braids2

pigtail braids3

pigtail braids4

and one of sawyer :)
pigtail braids5


  1. Ohmygoodness Aidan seriously makes the BEST faces! Too stinkin' cute!

  2. Reese is looking more like Sawyer as she gets bigger. I love her two little teeth nubs poking through on top!

  3. OMG, poor Reese! She looks so sick and pathetic...but still beautiful. Poor girl. <3

  4. You have the most gorgeous children!!! Love the St Pat's pictures of Reese & the Pippi Longstocking-like picture of Aidan! Sawyer is just precious, too!

  5. P.S. - I love the backdrop/floor MINUS the baseboard. :)

  6. thanks guys! :)

    and ugh. it makes me batty, katie. but i was too lazy to 1. photoshop and 2. get the board out.