Friday, March 4, 2011

another field and crazies.

so wednesday, i matched the girls all up and took them for pics. yeah. im super lame.

aidan's evil eye.
rainbow final1

rainbow final2

rainbow final3

sawyer's evil eye.
rainbow final4

aidan said she was tired.
rainbow final5

rainbow final6

rainbow final7

rainbow final8

i love this one lol
rainbow final10

rainbow final11

reese up!
rainbow final12

rainbow final13

rainbow final14

rainbow final15

this photo is horrible, but lmao at her face.
rainbow final16

probably going to eat something.
rainbow final17

rainbow final18

yesterday, aidan and sawyer made up a game ::twitch:: good times. and as you can see - the game wasnt "who can wear pants the best" lol
chair game1

chair game2

chair game3

chair game4

chair game5

chair game6

chair game7

and tonight.

so about 430, i wanted to leave the house. and we had no where to go. so i said "how about a picnic!!" well it looked like rain. so i told them we'd have to do it in the trunk lol then after not finding a quiet park -- we did it in front of our house.

we are so fun.

car picnic1

in the back of my car you'll find: diapers, wipes, extra clothes, a heating blanket (um? wtf.) about 4 pairs of kids shoes, and some take home projects from school.

car picnic2

car picnic3

car picnic4

car picnic5

oh and these sunglasses apparently.
car picnic6

car picnic7

car picnic8

car picnic9

car picnic10

car picnic11

sweet nails, huh? :) mine are black. she went black/purple.
car picnic12

yay! reese is up!
car picnic13

sawyer jumped into (and locked herself in) aidan's seat. to be trouble. (yeah, missed focus. oops lol)
car picnic14

car picnic15

pizza face.
car picnic16


  1. I don't think there is a single one that I don't love, but I literally gasped out loud at the b/w of Aiden. How beautiful! That needs to be printed, like, yesterday. Your girls are just too freaking gorgeous!

  2. thanks friend <3 youre the best. and yeah -- i want to print it. for sure.

  3. i love sawyer's hair,and aidan's silly faces, lol
    they're so cute, and seem to be fun. you are very blessed to have these girls,amanda!

  4. thanks so much, barbara <3 youre so sweet.

  5. Sawyer's hair looks like its really growing out! Great pics, as always & gorgeous girls.

  6. It's crazy how much hair Sawyer has now. To think she used to be totally bald!

    And I spy with my little eye, two teeth on Reese! Fun. (:

  7. Can you be my mom please? I want pizza picnics in a trunk. I would fit right in with my red hair and everything!