Tuesday, March 29, 2011

back to reality.

so yesterday, i decided to grab the camera during dinner. lol oh dear.

dinner board1

dinner board2

made me giggle. note cobalt laying waiting for food. and sawyer crying bc she wants something she cant have. sigh.

and here's a cell pic from sunday when we got home. i was showing aidan my pics. here's her version of my tongue out/peace sign photo.

other than that? i took sawyer/reese to the park yesterday while aidan was in school. i should have known we werent going to get out of there peacefully.

this is how she looked when i told her we were going!

and this is when i told her we had to leave. LOL

she screamed/cried all the way from the park to the school. then ::lightbulb:: she quieted down when i put her in the babyhawk. lol we looked funny, but she was just tired. sweet girl.


  1. You know I love every picture of the sweet-hearts. What is a babyhawk? GGM

  2. I love seeing, and being a part of, your everydays. GGM

  3. Sometimes I secretly think that Sawyer and Thad are the same child. :)

    She is a sweet girl. I love her ups and downs.

  4. :) thank you!

    a babyhawk is like a sling thing for babies (and toddlers)