Friday, March 18, 2011

bye bye xsi.

back in may 2009, EJ bought me the best bday present ever. my canon xsi.

First post with it.

i was awesome, huh? i mean, who doesnt love pop-up flash and auto ;)

after learning my camera inside and out, buying new lenses, external flash, etc -- it was time to upgrade. my little xsi couldnt keep up any long!

so i got a 7d :) and i love it.

aidan didnt feel good yesterday, but i did get this one. no speedlite. ISO 1250. um, my xsi would have looked like a cell phone pic that went through the garbage disposal over 800.

so this, to me, is awesome.


just imagine what the images will look like at, oh, ISO 100. drool. i cant wait to use it this wkend :)

oh and my pic from wednesday. its a cell pic of a cell pic. bc i got a new phone and cant get the photo i took OFF of the old one. sooooo its crap <3 LOL but look at aidan and sawyer posing. aidan was like "hey, get back to back" and i was laughing so hard. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

p.s. i got the new windows phone and im obsessed.


  1. Hooray for the new camera! =)

  2. good for you...
    now if you'd just move in with me and take super cute pics of my kids, i'd be all set ;) lol