Friday, March 11, 2011

catching up again.

gah. i feel like this week has been busy, but i cant think of much that i did. LOL

ok thats a lie. you'll see.

monday - just a cell pic of sawyer :) she didnt want a pic lol
2011-03-07 13.43.34

tuesday - ok first thing was my friend's one year old at the arboretum. you'll see them on the GP blog in a few :) THEN my friend from lily toes photography and i went out for a shoot for BLUDOMAIN. id say, even though i didnt win, im pretty proud of myself for getting top 3 out of 200+ entries for that idea.
all kids edited1

then ashley took one of me LOL oh dear
me yellow-1

wednesday - EJ and i went to dinner for his SMU grad class thingy graduation and then out with friends. but before i dropped the girls off - i had to write some notes on aidan and sawyer's hands.

heart = i love you. i always come get you.
smiley = be happy. go to bed nicely.
star = i will be SO proud of you if you are nice to your sisters and go to sleep when nonny says so.

the stick people are me and EJ. bc aidan loves that "you married? and you smooch?"
date night hand1

cell breakfast pic. yeah sawyer is on aidan's lap lol
2011-03-09 09.14.50

and a few cell pics. aidan had her 4 year appt - perfect vision lol
2011-03-09 10.51.25

thursday - sometimes wen aidan is bored. she puts sawyer's school diapers in wine cooler.
wine cooler1

nothing for today yet. hold. lol


  1. This is such an adorable post. I swear we were separated at birth. The picture of you is hilarious - totally something I would do, only you did it more gracefully. My dress would've been up over my head, and still, the shutter would've continued to click. By the way, your cell phone pictures are pretty incredible. Probably the best I've seen - so clear.

  2. hahaha <3

    and thanks -- the pic almost shows a little zebra panty, but not yet ;) haha

    and sometimes i get lucky with my cell. sometimes ::shudder:: they are horrible. ;)