Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dailies, zoo, and chalk.

yesterday. aidan made the best pirate pic with chalk ive ever seen. totally. win.

monday - sawyer and i went to the zoo :) SO MUCH FUN!! here are a few :)
zoo with me17

zoo with me2

zoo with me5

zoo with me7

zoo with me12

zoo with me13

zoo with me16

sunday - we went to meet my mom at target. we waited in starbucks, of course. (cell)
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and reese sleeping with her new bestie. (cell)
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oh and in case youre wondering why ive been adding cell pics to my 365 sometimes recently, the main reason is bc i was missing all these adorbs moments thinking i needed my DSLR :) but i love these ones -- grain and all <3

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  1. love your pictures -- as always -- but I really really really love the pictures of Sawyer at the zoo.... the elephant one is my fav. Her hair is getting so long!! :)