Monday, March 28, 2011

miami and back.

phew. dear lord. what a fun/crazy/exhausting/fancy (lol) wkend.

first i'll go through the views. im not doing these by day bc then the story sucks. but i do, as per 365, have a pic for every day.

from the airplane.
miami trip1

from the room.
miami trip2

miami trip3

from the beach.
miami trip5

miami trip6

miami trip7

miami trip8

shopping strip in miami beach.
miami trip12

miami trip10

miami trip9

miami trip11

my outfits. what? what the hell else are you supposed to do with this big a mirror? (notice no SL. they may be kind of grainy bc there was no light over here and my ISO was high).

miami trip4

fri night.
miami trip15

my sunburned cell pic.

sat formal night :) (ej hates mirror pics lol)
miami trip13

cell pic from a friend at dinner.

(yes. you can laugh at my uneven sunburn ;) im okay with that. it IS funny)

ETA: ok. about the trip. EJ went for work. i spent all day by the beach or walking around or napping.... the good life. we stayed at fontainebleu :)

we got in late wed night and just headed to bed.

thurs was me, then the gym, then the beach. let me just say - for all of those people my age, my trainer was rachel robinson from road rules: campus crawl. rawr. LOL she worked me out on thurs and sat. and i could barely walk bc it was so tough. lol

friday was the same or so as thurs. except i was so hungover from thurs night that i wanted to die. so i hung out by the pool with a friend and then we had dinner at the steak place. then we put on our "regular" clothes (instead of miami beach-wear. lordy) and went by the pool. it was nice.

saturday i went to "lincoln road" where there are a ton of shops and things like that. and 3 starbucks. lol in like .5 mile. anyway, that was fun, got a cab back and went to lunch with EJ. then i went to the gym and rested up for that night. cocktail drinks at 630, paarrrrty at 730ish. good dinner, good people, i danced and eff ton (lol), and then EJ and i went to the beach for the rest of the night and swam in the ocean.

my flight was at 7am (omg kill me) on sunday and i spent most of the day in the airport. it was good to see the girls. they had so much fun at my parents house though. :)

i'll prob add to this later.


  1. you look really pretty in the phone mirror pic

  2. Great pictures. I have to admit, I'm a bit envious of your time on the beach!