Wednesday, March 30, 2011

stripes and beans. again, im sure.

i love putting the girls into these outfits lol

they havent matched in a while so before dinner with friends tonight - i slapped them in my fave stripe sets.

it started off fun! aidan was trying to kiss sawyer, sawyer would poke her. good times.

table stripe storyboard

but aidan started to get a 'tude. you can see sawyer is like "aaaiiiidaaaannnn...." trying to taunt her ;)

table stripes2

then sawyer made aidan feel bad. so sawyer was making her feel better.

table stripes9

best friends again!!

table stripes8

twins. once aidan crossed her legs - so did sawyer.

table stripes10


table stripes11

table stripes1

now - to the beans. last night reese was hilarious. we made some mexican dinner (ish) and reese hollered for more beans lol

"uhhh more?"

bean face1

bean face2

bean face3

bean face4

bean face5


  1. oh my can actually see her little tear in your pic. what an amazing shot. you're the best ;)

  2. I love the striped tee sets! your girls are so beautiful!

  3. I love the great expressions on the girls' faces! Your trip to Florida sounded super. It's good to see pictures of you and E J too. Love, GGM

  4. These are so seriously adorable, you have some seriously gorgeous little girls