Wednesday, April 6, 2011

bluebonnets and sillies.

so on sunday, i took the girls out to bluebonnets for a trial run bc i have mini/half sessions the next 2 weekends. it was so fun! :)

i made a story board for the other blog, but youre going to have to endure the big pics for this one. bc i like that better.

and you have to see all my mom shots - not just the "good" ones ;) lol

2011 bluebonnets1

2011 bluebonnets2

2011 bluebonnets3

2011 bluebonnets4

2011 bluebonnets5

2011 bluebonnets6

2011 bluebonnets7

2011 bluebonnets8

2011 bluebonnets9

2011 bluebonnets10

2011 bluebonnets11

2011 bluebonnets12

2011 bluebonnets13

2011 bluebonnets14

2011 bluebonnets15

2011 bluebonnets16

2011 bluebonnets17

2011 bluebonnets19

2011 bluebonnets20

2011 bluebonnets21

2011 bluebonnets22

monday night i went to check on aidan and she had fallen asleep in her closet. again. dressed like this.

closet sleep1

and last night - im mean. lol grapes apparently are sour to reese. so id rub it on her lips and then take a pic. we were laughing so hard. she was, too ;)

grape face SB


  1. love the bluebonnet pictures!

  2. your photos are spectacular!

  3. Confession - I used to sleep in my closet too when I was about that age! For some reason it was like "camping". Hilarious.