Thursday, April 21, 2011

easter party and extras.

today was aidan's easter party at school :) look how cute she is with all of her friends!!

school easter party1

school easter party2

school easter party3

school easter party4

reesey and my keys lol
school easter party5

school easter party6

aidan's not this short. he's in a chair. she is kneeling ;)
school easter party7

ok. i did my hair today. then it rained. on me.
school easter party8

school easter party9

school easter party10

the girls lol
school easter party11

school easter party12

school easter party13

school easter party14

school easter party15

yesterday. and then they markered up their legs.
round the house2

lol graham cracker time!
round the house1


  1. amanda, i think you should have another baby, because *sigh* reese is not a baby anymore! what about a boy? lol
    your girls are so adorable!

  2. aaaand you let your baby play with keys with a swiss army knife on it? Brave haha!

  3. well, to be fair - even i can't open them easily ;) but this is my spare set - usually she's toting my "i went to miami bitch" key set. i just couldnt find them that morn ;)