Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the girls.

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let me rewind to monday.

cell storm pic. they were rough the past few days. eek!

reese playing yesterday.

last night aidan asleep on her floor. see how she makes a mess before bed. sigh. (cell)

bludomain is having another contest and you have to enter pics of you and your kids (for mother's day, obvs). its not graded by best pic this time (thank heavens) so we self timed it today lol

the girls1

the girls2

can we talk about the little hair sticking up on the right side of my head? ok - thats, like, new hair coming in. its so strange! i have tufts of hair GROWING IN NEW under my bangs. yeah. super effin cool //sarcasm.


  1. I lost hair around my face during pregnancy and therefore have awesome tufts of hair around my face as well. It is AWESOME. Love the pictures though.

  2. lol it sucks!! whats so weird is that i never thought i lost any hair? at least not until it was growing back in at weird places!

  3. i also had the tufts... they're still returning to normal! SO annoying!

  4. Is that *gasp* blonde hair I see on Reese's head?? Blonde?! ;)

  5. hahah its strawberry -ish. its certainly not only blonde ;) damn. LOL

  6. Let me just tell you about the wings I have growing out of my makes for such bad hair days!! I lost a ton of hair after Jack and it is all coming back in crazyily around my face!

  7. hahaha mel, thats totally it. it looks like wings or devil horns :(

  8. What a bunch of pretty, pretty ladies! Love your little blog! New follower from Circle of Mom's