Saturday, April 2, 2011

open house 2011.

so sawyer is too young to do the "spring show" but not aidan!! i got her a new shirt, threw her in the shower, curled up her hair and then took some pics ;)

open house 20111


open house 20114

open house 20115

open house 20116

then we all went to her show! :) with, uh, 200 other kids lol

p.s. i have no idea how to fix this mish-mosh of pink lighting that they had. lol

coming in -
open house 20117

waving to EJ
open house 20118

i think she is nervous lol
open house 20119

everyone wave!!
open house 201110

find aidan ;)
open house 201111

pic of the screen - you'll see she spent 1/2 her time singing. and the other half looking for herself.
open house 201112

open house 201113

see - looking for herself.
open house 201114

open house 201115

back in her room, they had a texas theme :)
open house 201116

her cowgirl on her chair. red hair and blue eyes ;)
open house 201117

open house 201118

vid of singing. cant see/hear much but anyway...

as for sawyer's class - she wouldnt take any pics. but lets just say that, from what the teachers said, she's pretty damn funny at school lol

reese asleep last night. my little bug. (cell)

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