Wednesday, April 13, 2011

way behind and reese is 11 months

alright catching up.

today out back :)
13th april1

13th april2

sawyer is like this because
13th april3

aidan has the animal crackers lol
13th april4

13th april5

13th april6

13th april7

13th april8

got some!
13th april9

13th april10

like her after nap hair? ;)
13th april11

13th april12

13th april13

13th april14

yesterday, i made these things for aidan and sawyer's rooms.

i had 100 free prints from shutterfly that i didnt know what to do with. so i went and got some colorful foam sheets, cut them, and mounted the photos onto them.

then, i took colored baby clothespins and clipped them on hemp line :)

part of sawyer's
mounted photos sawyer room1

before (cell)

aidan's room (cell)

on monday, reese turned 11 months!! ::confetti:: so lets try a shoot, right? mmmkay. here are the sooc outtakes. lol

easter theme? LOL ok ok i knew this wouldnt work - or look right in the end, but it was too funny.
11 months1

11 months2

11 months3

then i got her "reese" chair so she could stand. um.
11 months4

11 months5

11 months6

so i just let her play :)
11 months7

11 months8

on sunday, i did laundry. twitch. this is their clothes sorted (cell)

and somehow, reese found her way to the open fridge after bathtime! (cell)

saturday, i did bluebonnet minis ;) those on my GP blog soon!


  1. Ohhh Goodness! Reese is getting sooo big! Love the last one! Too cute and I LOVE the one with Sawyer crying and how you captured that one tear! :)

  2. This post makes me so happy.... hehe! First off -- I love that you captured Aidan's "i got the animal cracker" face... that's priceless. Second -- I am in LOVE with Sawyer's hair. I go to bed every night and pray that my hairless 9 month old wakes up with hair like hers!! :) And I love her dress -- I just picked it up for my little.... and final -- I love the pictures of Reese. She is getting so big! How do you get her eyes to look like that in the pictures! So sharp and clear... I love that. LMBO at the fridge picture. AND.... the picture of Reese by her chair makes me giggle... because I use the lens cap to entertain my girl too. HAHA. Yikes... This comment is long enough.. HAH!! Have a great day!

  3. haha thanks guys! :)

    reilly, those are just reese's eyes. they are so glassy and clear - its awesome. and sawyer's hair is CRAZYYYYY lolol its just so thin and frizzy! lol