Wednesday, May 11, 2011

birthday morning.

so first, we sang happy birthday to reese!!! (im trying to learn video on the 7d, still ;) so bear with me on focus, etc bc i dont quite understand which mode is the best when doing vid, yet).

birthday morning1

birthday morning2

birthday morning3

then A and S got in on the action ;)
birthday morning4

"get them out of my bed, mom"
birthday morning5

birthday morning8

birthday morning9

birthday morning10

birthday morning11

birthday morning13

birthday morning14

now a comparison!! all 3 - first bdays - same PJs :) dont kid yourself that last night, EJ had put reese down for bed and didnt put on these PJs (he didnt know!) so i woke her up to get her dressed ;)

all 3 cloud PJs


  1. <3 these are so fun!!!! You've got three adorable daughters---- and it's so crazy they are ALL red heads! Love it!

  2. Ha ha, love that first one with all three girls in the crib. The smirk on Reese's face just screams, "What are these two clowns doing in *my* bed, Mom?" Love it!