Friday, May 13, 2011

hawaiian day and fake beach.

its what we like to do on fridays. obvs the blonde isnt mine. i make gingers. but thats lily :)

look at our new suits :) reese got hers for her bday, aidan's sporting a new 2 piece, and sawyer - well they only had 3T and figured "her body is long!" but not long enough LOL

5-13-11 beach SB4

5-13-11 beach1

5-13-11 beach2

5-13-11 beach SB3

5-13-11 beach7

5-13-11 beach8

reese got bored.
5-13-11 beach9

so we got her out to play!! (fyi: those are not my hairy legs. they are ashley's LOL)
5-13-11 beach10

5-13-11 beach14

5-13-11 beach SB2

5-13-11 beach SB1

5-13-11 beach18

5-13-11 beach19

5-13-11 beach20

5-13-11 beach21

5-13-11 beach22

thursday at school - it was hawaiian day. they didnt have anything to wear so EJ ran and grabbed some dresses and shell bracelets :) the girls were giggly!
hawaiian day1

hawaiian day2

hawaiian day3

hawaiian day4

hawaiian day5


  1. i [{love} your photos. they are so crisp and clean.

  2. Oh Reese is just so to-die-for-cute in that suit, I can't even stand it!

  3. Can I just say how impressed I am that your husband did the fast dash to the store to buy girls' dresses and jewelry? Not just any ol' dresses either - they had to be Hawaiian! He gets a badge or something for that.