Thursday, May 19, 2011

last day of school.

let me say - i am freakin blessed that my kids are so happy at their preschool. not only do they have the best teachers around, they learn so much. and just simply love going every day!!

but alas, another year is gone. only one more year left until aidan goes to kindy. 2 more for sawyer! gahhhh!! time flies too fast.

here are some pics from the parties today :) which, by the way, were at the same time LOL so i was running back and forth. thank heavens i have my friend kristi (mom of friend in aidan's class) who'd keep an eye on reese while i ran to sawyer's and back lol

this is how sawyer's class was decorated all day. omg how fun!!
SB 1

2011 last day of school7

SB 2

2011 last day of school15

sawyer's teachers! they always have the best things to say about her :) not surprisingly, sawyer is a little funny kid at school ;)
SB 6

SB 7

now to aidan's party!! nice ice cream on your shirt, kid. sigh.
2011 last day of school10


her friend :)
2011 last day of school4

showing us a song/dance thing they do.
2011 last day of school3

her teachers. :)
SB 4

one of aidan's teachers reading a poem about them :) so so sweet. the kids loved it.
SB 5

what a great day and a great year :) thanks guys for all you do!!!

oh, and bc i didnt post one yesterday - here's reese lol