Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day wkend.

:) so let me catch up.

thursday, i did a newborn twin shoot!! wooohoo!! that will be up on my GP blog soon :)

friday, the girls wore matching dresses and we went to the gym ;) (cell)

saturday i had a wedding to shoot for a very good friend's sister :)

yesterday, we went shoe shopping ;) EJ had gotten me a gift card for my birthday so i could pick out some new gym shoes - so i got these!

this evening was eventful :) lots of sun and fun!

sawyer got decked out in the suit nonny got her ;)

reese didnt want to wear her awesome sunglasses to match her stellar swimsuit that kristi got her for her bday lol
2011 memorial day1

sawyer is a stud.
2011 memorial day2

EJ got aidan these bubbles with "3-d glasses" (lol) at the store today.
2011 memorial day3

swinging in the back.
2011 memorial day4

2011 memorial day9

this one is super overexposed, but she ran from the shade lol and its too cute. she's trying to get EJ with the water gun ;)
2011 memorial day5

gotta love the cheap pools - now i can 1. dump the water easily and 2. dont have to worry about rips from the plastic hitting the concrete! woot!
memorial day aidan SB

2011 memorial day8

reesey was pooped out lol
2011 memorial day10

sawyer playing :)
memorial day sawyer SB

2011 memorial day11

sisterly love ;) lol
2011 memorial day14

2011 memorial day15

2011 memorial day16

another stinkeye.
2011 memorial day21

BBQ goodies. burgers, hot dogs, a beer for me and EJ, and then some juice for the girls :)
memorial day SB

2011 memorial day20

2011 memorial day19

also, my cousin's first baby was born yesterday. omg how handsome is he? :) i went up and visited today - welcome to the world, maverick :) :) :)
mav hospital1

mav hospital2


  1. aww!i love aidans swim suit! it's so cute!

  2. first of all, i can not believe how big your two older girls are getting-- i was looking at saw thinking i was looking at aidan!! woah nelly! they are so cute and reese too of course!
    and 2-that is the second baby this month i have heard born with the name maverick. :)

  3. I can't believe how different Sawyer is from last year! Figuring out the allergies has helped, huh?

    But, Amanda, we really need to talk about your choice of beer. Bud Light? So very sad. ;)

  4. pffftttt my choice was xx. and dh's choice is usually sol. but we have leftover beer from a party lol so thats what we're drinking off of