Saturday, May 21, 2011


so let me rewind and say that EJ is such a stud.

last night we went out for my bday (which is may 24) - which i knew we were going to dinner. i wish i would have brought my camera, but anyway, he TOTALLY SURPRISED ME!! and invited all of our friends to come to dinner and then go out after <3 so a HUGE THANK YOU to those that came out and also a "i wish you could have come!!" to the others who had to work or couldnt find a sitter. all i have is this pic that a friend took :) what a great night! i have such great friends!


now - yesterday i also let reese find the tupperware cabinet LOL
reese cabinet6

omg poor allergy girl. that is a snot bubble. she takes zyrtec, but still. sigh.
reese cabinet3

cabinet SB

reese cabinet7

that held her up for about 45 mins of fun lol

today, i took aidan to get a hair cut. here's why (bc lets be honest, i just went, right?) - it was still too long. her hair was so heavy that it didnt curl barely at all.

she actually loves it. dont let this pic fool you LOL i put 2 little bobby pins in it on the sides.
new hair1

new hair2

silly girl.
new hair3

so after we cut her hair, i went to get my eyebrows waxed. the guy told me i needed to dye my eyebrows bc they are non-existant and clear. lol so i did.

BUT i came home crying. omg i have never seen myself like this before. but i put some eye make up on and did my hair and took a pic again and i think i like it. now i have to go back and eat crow on telling that guy i hated it while on the verge of tears.


then a few from bathtime tonight.
5-21-11 bath1

5-21-11 bath2

5-21-11 bath3


  1. i like the pic of you... your saying that's after he dyed them? anyway, you look good! and happy soon to be birthday!

  2. hahaha yes. that is after i dyed them lol they were, like, clear before - like the lightest color of my hair.

    and thank you <3

  3. They look great! You'd never know they ever looked any different just looking at you. Very nice!

  4. LMAO at the eyebrows. When I was editing your photos, and trying to brighten your eyes, I was like, "Whaaa? Where the hell are her eyebrows!?" Lol. It looks great!

  5. Haha after Katie commented about your eyebrows I remembered I never saw pictures. I think they look great. Not crazy clown dark like I was expecting. Very subtle and and not transparent. :)