Tuesday, May 10, 2011

reese is one.

well, tomorrow. omg. this has been the been the fastest year of my life. first of all some past photos. ETA: in case you were wondering - here was reese's first 5 days. <---click.

reese NB2

5 seconds
reese NB10

8 days

1 month
1 month old11

7 weeks
7w1d old5

2 months
2 months1

3 months

4 months
reese 4 mo5

5 months
reese 5 mo8

6 months
6mo seamless3

7 months
7mo candid2

8 months
reese 8 mo4

9 months
9 months1

10 months
10mo final2

11 months
13th april1

reese can:

*walk. basically. not everywhere bc crawling is faster, but she can walk across the room.

*stand up from sitting without grabbing anything.

*says "mama" "dada" sometimes "hi" and "tata" (give it to me)

*claps her hands

*dances to all music lol its so cute

*sleeps through the night - has since forever, though. she takes 1 nap a day for about 3 hours.

*feeds herself completely - but again, has done this since forever.

reese is funny, silly, sneaky, a BIG time mover - doesnt rest. when she's tired, like she has since she was a newborn, she puts her arms above her head (like her month 3 pic) to tell you "put me to bed", she will bite your finger and laugh if its close lol, she simply ADORES her sisters and they make her laugh non-stop, she smiles to anyone around, and is BY FAR the happiest baby on earth. its amazing. she's the best. THE best baby ive ever known. i love her. she makes me smile to just see her face in the mornings. she hugs so tight. swoon.

our friend bob took photos from reese's party on sunday - it was SO NICE not to have to worry about photos!!! you can see them all here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/punkfiction/sets/72157626561624849/ but here are a few of my faves :) FTR, we didnt even DIG IN to reese's cake. the store gave us a free smash cake bc it was her first bday - and since we had so.much.delicious.food we never even ATE the cake! lol EJ spent most of the time on the grill making fajitas and playing with aidan who wouldnt leave outside with mark and lizabeth. such a fun day.

reese's party day-10

reese's party day-16

reese's party day-17

reese's party day-21

reese's party day-42

reese's party day-46

reese's party day-51

reese's party day-54

when i took reese into bath - sawyer jumped on the cake.
reese's party day-57

reese's party day-59

reese's party day-61

now, this wkend, gpa mark (ej's dad), uncle chris (ej's bro), and gma liz came into town!! :) we had so much fun! thanks for coming in town, guys <3 it was fabulous seeing you and the girls miss you all already!! now, we grabbed ALL of our guests for photos when they first walked in LOL these pics are by me. they make me giggle :D (no it doesnt fit into the margins - get over it) guest storyboard

now - today. sigh. reese's one year portraits. i went down to downtown mckinney so they'd match A and S's last bday portraits. i love her. (all are here - with cake smash from the other day, too - http://www.flickr.com/photos/punkfiction/sets/72157626692546596/) but my faves...

reese first bday portraits2

lol my keys kept her quiet.
reese first bday portraits3

reese first bday portraits4

reese first bday portraits5

reese first bday portraits7

reese first bday portraits9

hahaha stink eye.
reese first bday portraits10

reese first bday portraits14

reese first bday portraits16

so all in all. amazing year. amazing daughter. again. i love my life <3


  1. Awww....that is so sweet! What a great post....she is too cute and I love her 1 yr pictures!!!

  2. these are GORGEOUS!!! i can't pick a favorite ... your little girl rocks the color gray. i love the mustaches for the party -- looks like a fun time!