Sunday, May 22, 2011

sawyer's big girl room.

so we decided to swap sawyer's crib into a bed. i never wanted to do that, but her room is smaller than aidan's and she is tinier than aidan lol so it works.

i have a nice entry on the transition on Pv3 <---click :) but here are some pics of tonight!! walking in. sawyer's big girl room4

that green thing is the ikea leaf that goes over her bed.
sawyer's big girl room2

this is now filled with stuffed animals.
sawyer's big girl room3

new rug to match new bedding.
sawyer's big girl room5

reading a book :)
sawyer's big girl room7

she loves it?
sawyer's big girl room6

i'll explain later. lol you can see A and S's rooms here - sawyer's was different though by now - she had a white dresser (thats in her room in the pics above), the glider is now in the game room, etc. aidan's room is pretty much the same - except she has a TON more toys now - and a table/chairs in there.