Thursday, May 5, 2011

sick kids and smash cake.

yesterday, aidan and sawyer were not well.

sickies storyboard

i kept reese away with the gate lol


today, the girls felt better and i took R out for her CAKE SMASH since her 1st bday is next week. i wanted to do this part, this week, so i could print some for her party :) her actually "bday shoot" will be on her birthday :)

cake smash storyboard 1 w watermark

reese cake smash3

reese cake smash5

just trying to get a shot of the location, basically.
reese cake smash6

LOL no bow for reese!
reese cake smash7

reese cake smash8

cake left behind :(
reese cake smash9

cake smash storyboard 2

reese cake smash10

reese cake smash11

love this one
reese cake smash13

reese cake smash14

i was singing. she was dancing.
reese cake smash18

LOL all done!
reese cake smash19

wait... foood?
reese cake smash20

ok no really. all done.
reese cake smash21

then she immediately fell asleep in the car :)

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  1. reese is almost one?! i cant believe!
    she is the cutest baby i ever seen :)

  2. AHH! CUTE! Gosh I love the closeup with her two front teeth showing. :swoon: adorable!

  3. Next week? Her 1st birthday is next week?!?? *Faints*

  4. CC - i know, dude. this year has gone by AMAZINGLY fast :( i have baby fever up the wazoo!!

  5. great pictures and wonderful light !!! :)