Wednesday, May 18, 2011

splash day.

yesterday, aidan had her splash and field day at school! :)

you can see the whole set HERE <----- click. but these are a few of my faves. aidan's splash day3

aidan's splash day4

aidan's splash day5

aidan's splash day7

aidan's splash day8

aidan's splash day12

aidan's splash day13

aidan's splash day18

aidan's splash day20

aidan's splash day21

aidan's splash day32

aidan's splash day33

aidan's splash day36

aidan's splash day38

aidan's splash day39

reese was with me. she had an icee :)
aidan's splash day22

aidan's splash day29

thanks to all of your votes - I got 6th and 11th place in the top 25 mom/parenting/whatever blogs for CIRCLE OF MOMS!! ::confetti::

anyway, so they sent me this questionnaire thing that i have to fill out - and also told me to send a photo with it. whiiiiich i didnt have. so i ran over to my friend ashley's place yesterday afternoon so she could take some pics of me and the girls :)

me and girls storyboard

me and girls final1

now a few cell pics from monday :)




  1. OMG- little mister quicksilver in the 3rd pic looks like he's in love! Cutest thing ever! Love your dress BTW!

  2. Ooh, it seems like Reese suddenly has a lot more hair, no? Exciting! And yes, it is definitely red, LOL. (;

    And I love the pics of you and the girls by the way - too sweet! Also, do you mind if I ask a random question?

    Like I said, really random; what do you think are the prons/cons of a family of 5 vs. 6? Lol I just cannot for the life of me figure out if I should stick with 3 kids or go for 4.

  3. thanks so much :)

    its not that random, we'll likely be going for 4 soon. to me, i already have 3 - how hard can 4 be?! LOL

  4. are just adorable. i idolize your pics so much! love the one of you with 2 pulling on your legs...don't you feel like you walk around that way most of the time?? lol. i know i sure do!