Wednesday, May 25, 2011

storms and summer days.

so this was aidan today. its what she does on her summer vacation.

for anyone interested, we ran to the dollar store yesterday bc i wanted some cheap crafts. but what i got was better -- they have workbooks. like character workbooks for letters, numbers, colors, words, etc... and aidan LOOOVES this stuff.

so today, she played a bit. (p.s. all shot at 1.4)

aidan's letters7

aidan's letters2

aidan's letters SB

aidan's letters5

aidan's letters6

oh and im sure some of you heard about the storms and tornadoes here in north texas last night.

EJ prepared the bathroom. just in case. the half bath in the middle of our house is solid, supposedly. so he packed it up with things we may need. on FB he wrote:

Better to be over prepared than wish you had something not on 'the list'. There is also electrical tape, extra batteries, both AA and AAA, phone chargers, camera gear, hd cam corder, a 2 gallon jug of water, camp stove, rope (150 ft of 11.5mm climbing rope) an ice axe (strong enough to get thru brick if needed), camp food for 3 days, an extra camel pak for 3L of water to be filled upon entry, lots of flashlights, shoes for everyone (closed toe) pants, medicine for the kids and us adults, instant ice pack, 1dt aid kit, extra rags, pants for kids and us, jackets..... Etc



  1. Can't forget the diet coke and the Lysol! ;)

  2. Man, good for him! We would have had flashlights and a bottle. :)

  3. wheres the wine and cigs