Friday, May 20, 2011

water guns.

so yesterday, as you can see from the pics from the LDOS parties, the girls received water guns from their teachers/classmates :) fun times.

no really. it was fun lol

when EJ got home from work, the girls begged to put water in them. but i told them, no - but in the bath, they could. that was fine. until EJ wanted to play with them ;)

so after an all out water war between EJ and myself - with the kids in hysterical laughing fits in the kitchen, they went to the bath and played for themselves. well when they got OUT of the bath, we sent them upstairs to find PJs while we packed up blankies, water, etc to bring up.

then we heard giggling. from the upstairs bathroom. so EJ filled up a water gun, i got my camera, we flipped the bathroom lights on and got them good :)

hiding in the shower2

hiding in the shower1

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