Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a whole lot of catching up.

i need to catch up. a lot. this wkend was full of cell pics bc i didnt feel like getting my camera out lol :) fun wkend though! :) great to see some good friends!

last thursday, sawyer sneaked down to watch some tv. a little later than i would have wanted.

but she was being funny ;) (cell)


friday, i did both the girls hair in pigtails to go pick my friend Pam up from the airport :)


saturday, i had a shoot (up on GP soon) and then this is a nice blurry cell pic from pam and i at splitsville :) yay.

on sunday, i had my, um, boudoir shoot, with my long time friend Catherine (ok and fyi, some are damn hysterical). then they she came back to the house with us. and david came over. and sawyer wanted to play late again :)

she said these PJs matched bc they are both cats. cell.

yesterday i had to get one good pic of pam and the girls --

girls and pam1

then aidan said she didnt need a nap. then this was on the way home from dropping pam off at the airport :)


ok. now on to today. this morning i got some A and S pics before "muffins with mom" at their school :)
muffins with mom day1

ok you can see the diff in flash-ness on the next two. the first one is where the speedlite bounced on the wall above me
muffins with mom day2

this one is bounced behind me
muffins with mom day3

i first went to sawyer's room (my pics from there are crap bc i was too lazy to put on my SL, but ill try to save some later) and then took a pic with her for their teacher, and then my momma stayed with her since they dont have a "show" to put on lol

then i ran to aidan's room to "be a princess" for breakfast :) all so so cute.

her card to me. she wrote inside that im 7ft tall, my fave color is red, that i wear cool things, i take pics for my job, i like nuggets, the best thing i make is mac and cheese, and that im 7 years old lol
muffins with mom day5

aidan wearing my crown
muffins with mom day6

i have got to get a forehead reduction
muffins with mom day8

muffins with mom day9

THEN my mom said sawyer didnt want her to leave *and* aidan was already tearing up bc i didnt want to drag reese to chapel with her :paranoia:

so i decided to take them all home haha sigh. anyway, we went for some pics in this great new location. id say where it is, but there's a local annoying photog who then runs out and steals my locations. so shhhhhh....

anyway, i tried some diff/odd processing on these. i liked them 5 mins ago. and now posting them... ehhh? oh well. live and learn. at least its on my own kids ;)

sundress park 1and2

sundress park3

sundress park4

sundress park5

sundress park6

sundress park7

sundress park8

sundress park9

sundress park10

sundress park11

oh and for the record, reese was asleep by this time. and im not too worried as her FIRST BIRTHDAY SHOOT (faint) is happening this week :) she'll have a whole fun cake smash and portrait session to herself to show off her cuteness ;)

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  1. haha - these are all great! I love the girls dresses!!! And so glad you got to enjoy your time with Pam- even though Aidan was being s toot :)