Monday, June 6, 2011

i heart faces: from a distance.

when i read the title for this week, i knew i would have something -- i love watching my girls interact from far away.

when we went and took bluebonnet photos (yay! texas! haha) Aidan and Sawyer just loooved to run together. Aidan always the leader (she thinks bigger kids should always go first)... Sawyer perfectly okay with just following her around <3 they are the perfect match 2011 bluebonnets14

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  1. I'm such a sucker for the bluebonnet pictures! Gorgeous.

  2. Oh wow..what a beautiful picture!

  3. Being a younger sister (by less than 2 years) of an older who loved to take the lead, I completely understand Sawyer's contentment in following Aidan. I followed my sister endlessly and with such happiness. This picture makes me smile. Such a great capture.

  4. Great bluebonnet photo! We were so dry this year in our part of Texas, that I only got a few shots that were not very colorful. :(

  5. So pretty!! The soft lighting and tones in this photo are beautiful!