Thursday, June 16, 2011

its so hot. thumbs up.

zOMG. its hot.

on tuesday night, aidan showed me that she loved her dinner - which was a casserole of some sort. pretty much the only type of thing i know how to easily make. luckily, she likes the veggies in it.

she even said "I CAN SEE BETTER!!" (or something equally as hilarious) when i told her carrots were good for her eyes. (cell)

yesterday, we ran to baskin robbins. it was freakin yummy. they had m&ms on top of neapolitan ice cream. :) (cell) more thumbs up from the girls! haha


a sister pic mid bite haha

then we went home and the girls ran around.

apparently i didnt get the ice cream off sawyer's face.
around the house sneaky2

reese is trouble now lol
around the house sneaky1

around the house sneaky3

around the house sneaky4

around the house sneaky5

today, we had a 3-d glasses revival. woot!!!

june 3-d1

june 3-d2

june 3-d3

june 3-d4

june 3-d5

june 3-d6

june 3-d7

(overkill on photos. i know.)

june 3-d8

its like sawyer's bulldog smile. but on aidan!
june 3-d9

she was doing the robot.
june 3-d10

june 3-d11

june 3-d12

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