Saturday, June 4, 2011

kitchen randoms.

my pic from may 31 will be posted later.

sidenote: i forgot to say that this past wkend, EJ took out some carpet in the back area by the garage and put tile :) it neeeeever stayed clean, was a huge walking area - and now it just flows right into the half bath and looks 100x better.

p.s. sometimes sawyer goes potty and forgets clothes lol
new floor1

new floor2

new floor3

wed, thurs, and yesterday --- all happened to be in the kitchen lol

my friend gave A and S those cute costumes and the girls just looooove them. :) even though sawyer has a poop face in one of them LOL

june kitchen randoms1


june kitchen randoms5

june kitchen randoms6

june kitchen randoms7

june kitchen randoms8

i made mac and cheese :) like, not from a box haha
june kitchen randoms9

thumbs up.
june kitchen randoms10

june kitchen randoms11

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