Tuesday, June 14, 2011

summer antics.

on saturday, we went to the mall to buy a new dishwasher since ours broke.

this is how we go to the mall (cell)

this is aidan's view lol (cell)

silly sawyer. (cell)

sunday, i went and took newborn pics for my cousin and her baby. omg how sweet is he <3 mav FB1

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yesterday, we went to kristi's house to play! the girls loved the yellow watermelon!
friends houses SB

friends houses3

friends houses4

friends houses5

friends houses6

friends houses7

friends houses8

friends houses9

friends houses10

today, we went to ashley's house! woot!
friends houses11

friends houses12

and from friday - i had to take some shots for THIS STORE :) so here are a few.

seamless headbands lo-res4

seamless headbands lo-res7

seamless headbands lo-res13

seamless headbands lo-res20

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  1. That newborn picture is about the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Amazing.