Friday, June 10, 2011

summer time.

we basically have a summer routine: gym a few mornings, then pool a morning. lol i like it.

today we went with some friends <3 june 10th pool3

june 10th pool2

june 10th pool1

last night i found aidan like this in her room. only when i FIRST walked in, she had a tent thing over her and the cat was in there, too. lol



  1. I'm sure through the internet this is going to "sound" judgy, but really I'm just curious. Does she play until she falls asleep at night? Everyone I know is pushy about making sure the kid is in the bed and stays there, but I'm more lenient, so that's why I'm asking this odd, odd question. :)

  2. hahaha <3 she is welcome to do whatever she wants as long as she's quiet and gets comfy and sleeps. :) i move her to her bed when i check on her.