Wednesday, June 22, 2011

weird aidan and randoms.

last night i found aidan in her closet with all of her scooze dogs. (you can see 3 noses lol) and this was worth more than a cell pic ;) closet scooz1

closet scooz2

putzing around this afternoon.
6-22 randoms1

eating dinner ;) (see that piece of gum between her teeth? thats the part that we are going to cut :paranoia: we just have to set an appt with an ENT)
6-22 randoms2

say what?
6-22 randoms3

silly sawyer.
6-22 randoms4


  1. Congrats on your photo being picked as one of Pioneer Woman's funny face shots!

    I always love looking at your posts!

  2. Kallie has that same piece of skin in between her teeth! I know you said it bothered you--- but I am the opposite! lol I think it's cute! But I've always worried about her breaking it herself. :sigh: Kensley didn't have that so I've never dealt with it before.