Tuesday, June 7, 2011

wkend and pool.

monday. yesterday we went with ashley and lily to the pool by them. :)
june 6 pool day1

june 6 pool day2

june 6 pool day3

june 6 pool day4

june 6 pool day5

lily is coming to shark some food ;)
june 6 pool day6

june 6 pool day7

lily and aidan's headbands are from a friend starting an etsy/FB soon - so i'll get that link later :)
june 6 pool day8

june 6 pool day11

june 6 pool day12

june 6 pool day13

june 6 pool day15

sawyer's headband (and the one i tried to put on reese) is from Vintage Pretties by EMA :)

june 6 pool day9

june 6 pool day10

june 6 pool day14

june 6 pool day16

june 6 pool day17

june 6 pool day19

june 6 pool day20

june 6 pool day21

i had shoots all wkend. so i dont really bring my camera out to play sometimes. but i do have my cell ;)

saturday. at cabela's

so sat night, aidan wanted to bring a ribbon to bed. uh no. so we let her take some pieces of thin paper streamers instead. lol this is what she did

sunday. no cell pics. just another shoot.

today. stella :)

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  1. Close ups of the girls in their headbands are gorgeous!! I can't get over that curly hair either!