Friday, July 1, 2011

4th of july 2011.

im gonna add my pic from wednesday to the last post so this one is just 4th of july stuff ;)

today i went out to what i thought would be the same country road that we did the 2nd half of THESE photos. when we were driving up, i saw them.... sunflowers. acres of them. i literally squeeled. and it was so worth the heat. the girls are still talking about the flowers.

4th of july 2nd day SB2

4th of july 2nd day11

4th of july 2nd day8

4th of july 2nd day7

4th of july 2nd day SB

4th of july 2nd day6

4th of july 2nd day2

and a big ol happy 4th of july to you!! :)
4th of july 2nd day13

we went out yesterday too - for practice, but it was too hot lol

i did get this one of sawyer, though
4th of july trials5

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  1. These are beautiful and that last picture of Sawyer is to die for!

  2. so amazing photos! happy 4th!

  3. Love these - that next to last shot is golden!

  4. The overalls are too precious!

  5. those are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. How pretty these are and such cute girls too. I too love the next to the last one with the flag wrapped around them. Nice work! mary