Friday, July 22, 2011


all i have for you today is p&s pics. not even good ones - all on auto lol bc there's no effin way im going to putz around with settings on my canon powershot A560. no way.

well first is a video from yesterday. reese. dancing. she does this whenever music is playing (or not. im not gonna lie she does this in her head, too)

today we went to the gym pool and i did not bring my 7d. i didnt even bring the xsi or the s5is! just the a560 and MAN was it nice!!! so here are our p&s pics of the day!

p&s pool1

jacking around with some split toning. LOL lame-o, but whatever - my pics to mess up, right? its fun to play!
p&s pool2

p&s pool3

p&s pool4

p&s pool5

p&s pool6

nice bangs for me!
p&s pool7

p&s pool8

ashley and lily came with!!
p&s pool9

p&s pool10