Wednesday, July 20, 2011

getting older.

so today when i got the girls up from nap, i first went into sawyer's room. omg.

she had taken everything out of her drawers. which, until today, i really didnt think she noticed lol but apparently - she does.

(sorry so grainy. no flash and i wasnt prepared)
messy room1

basically EMPTY! gah!!
messy room2

messy room3

oh, here she put "all her comfy pants!!! look!!!" grrr again. luckily EJ cleaned it all up 100% tonight lol
messy room4

then i heard reese laughing with aidan so i went in to see ;)

happy girl
reese's room 30mm1

cuh-razy aidan.
reese's room 30mm4

silly girls.
reese's room SB

and my fave one of reese.
reese's room 30mm3

then aidan and sawyer were being silly sisters :)
reese's room 30mm7

then i got all 3!!!
reese's room 30mm8

look at a year. swoon.
one year later SB

yesterday we went outside and played. for 5 mins. before it was SO HOT.
7-19-2011 backyard1

7-19-2011backyard SB 2

7-19-2011 backyard5

7-19-2011backyard SB 1

7-19-2011 backyard9

monday. nothing but cowboy boots. and craft supplies (again. sorry about the grain. my 7d is good - but not that good LOL)
kitchen mess1

sunday - i had a shoot - check the GP fb! :)


  1. <3 <3 <3 ...those first ones are JUST like my girls' rooms, LOL.

  2. what is it with your girls and these hilarious bedroom pictures? if they're not asleep in tutus in the closet then they're emptying their drawers like it's no big deal. flippin hysterical. i love it.

  3. LOL kate. and the thing is - sawyer's monitor was on and i heard NOTHING!!! i thought she was sleeping!! haha

  4. I heart the one year later picture!

  5. Do EJ and Reese just take turns having that face, or did he accidentally order two, and he gave her one, or what?

  6. That one year later is amazing. They all even have the same expressions - R looking at S, A looking at the camera. Lol. Love it. :)