Saturday, July 16, 2011

i have a ton of catching up.

to do. like now.

and sadly, most of them are going to be in cell phone pics. bc, well, i feel like crap right now lol the last thing i feel like doing is taking pics, but i will do another 365 so here i am :) with cell pics. la dee da.

aidan sleeping on her floor. i thought it was so cute how she got her scoozes all lined up.

more sleeping pics. this is the first time i got one of sawyer LOL you can see - she's a mess before bed, too, just like aidan.

this one had me laughing, of aidan, bc - can you see her hair BEHIND her napmat school thing?

nothing except to say this is what sustains me right now. food. i puke it up, but man, if i dont eat --- watch out ;)

a horrible cell pics of reese after dinner and right before bathtime with her messy dinner bottle. look at her tired (demon) eyes lol

friday. oh. hey real camera!
i went to get ASR up from naps.

1. aidan seemed to have sneaked some eyeshadow into her room.

2. sawyer is silly.
sawyers green room1

sawyers green room2

sawyers green room3

(like the green color cast? remember - she has green walls ANNNNDDDD a green leaf over her bed lol)

3. they are good sisters.
A and S SB bedroom

4. reese isnt in the mood for their shenanigans.
plaing in bedrooms1

today we went to the movies! sawyer's FIRST movie!! we went to see cars 2 at studio movie grill :) we got popcorn and pizza and had such a fine time! :) thanks to my parents - reese had a good time with them - and napping lol

sawyer was so funny bc the preview confused her - she kept thinking a movie would come on for only a few mins then switch. so during cars she'd say "ok - now madagascar!" or "ok! tangled!!" lol but she sat so nicely the whole time :)



then we got home with 3 overtired kids. and this is why timeouts never work in our house - if i put sawyer in time out and turn my back for 2 seconds, aidan has scooped her up and is cuddling her lol she's all "come here, sawyer. want me to rub your head?"
A and S cuddle SB

A and S couch3

ok i think thats it for now. blah.

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  1. oh my goodness, those ones of aiden and sawyer are so so precious. I love how much they love each other.