Monday, July 11, 2011


ugh i have nothing to say about the 7th except that this is what i saw while i was laying in bed trying not to puke. (cell)

on friday, we tried to make our own cinnamon rolls. lol
july randoms1

july randoms3

july randoms4

and we watched the shuttle launch :) (cell)

saturday, we finally got our new dishwasher! yahoo!
july randoms5

july randoms6

july randoms7

oh and we went to the store. lol (cell)

sunday, we went to ikea and EJ got stuff for the back yard thingy - and set it up with aidan :) (pic is through the blinds lol)
july randoms8

that is all. yawn.

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  1. it is absolutely hilarious that sawyer is laying in the bottom of the cart at the grocery store!