Thursday, July 28, 2011

sawyer's 3 year photos.

swoon. she's my little sweetie. i'll post more to her on saturday (her bday), but we went and did her photos tonight ::squueee::

in case you need a "wow, amanda has gotten better at photography" lesson - HERE is her 2 year photos. LOL

sawyer 3 year1

ok i had to get one with her fake smile. this is it. LOL
sawyer 3 year2

she was trying to be cute. but its just OOF lol
sawyer 3 year3

sawyer 3 year4

headshot SB w wm

sawyer 3 year9

sawyer 3 year10

sawyer 3 year11

sawyer 3 year12

sawyer 3 year13

sawyer 3 year14

comparison pic!!!! THIS ONE IS LAST YEAR! look at her hair. sigh.
sawyer 2 year27

4 square SB w wm

sawyer 3 year20

glasses SB w wm


  1. I love them. In the group of four with her hand on her hip. ::dead:: She is so sweet. Gosh and with the ponytail and flower looking more like her big sissy everyday.

  2. Cannot believe how much her hair has grown! I look forward to your post to her, have a great birthday weekend Sawyer!

  3. She looks so much like Aidan in some of these pictures! Great shots!

  4. She's starting to look a lot like Aidan, especially with the glasses & ponytail!

  5. Gorgeous.

    On last years post "Anonymous" sure knew how to predict the future. Lol!