Thursday, July 7, 2011

uno, dos, tres, QUATTRO!!

did i spell that right?

anyway, big holiday wkend :)

after the sunflower pics last week - we thought about doing a blind melon theme on saturday lol (cell)



but sadly, they didnt last til the gorgeous evening sun.

sunday, i had a shoot with a gorgeous family up at the sunflowers ---> go to my GP fb page to see some of the shots from there :)

monday was the 4th of july!! woohoo! going out for the day (cell)

we had fam and friends come over for a bbq. then EJ did some poppers with the girls.
4th of july poppers1

ok dont ask why aidan is wear this outfit. she was up in her room playing before we all went outside and this is what she put on ::eyebrow:: notice sawyer's BATHING SUIT.
4th of july poppers2

4th of july poppers3

4th of july poppers4

4th of july poppers5

4th of july poppers6

4th of july poppers7

4th of july poppers8

4th of july poppers9

4th of july poppers11

aidan hid inside for a few lol
4th of july poppers13

4th of july poppers14

4th of july poppers15

aw reese. annoyed. but our friend had to bring her out for the fun lol
4th of july poppers16

4th of july poppers17

on tuesday i went to the dr for another 4th...

sister shirts17


i tried to get a pic of the girls in their shirts LOL fail.
sister shirts1

i love this one.
sister shirts10

sister shirts16

AS storyboard w us

CLICK HERE to see that bigger :)

yay!! we are over the moon, of course :)

oh and one from last night :) silly aidan.


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I was NOT expecting that!!! Congratulations! I can't wait for more ginger (I hope) baby action!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, upon further inspection, I SUCK at facebook stalking this week. Oh well. The blog surprise still worked on me!

  3. hahahaha <3 thank you so much!!

  4. CONGrATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the shots of the kids with the sonogram picture!
    Sneaky sneaky surprise!

  5. Wow so excited!!!! You make the prettiest babes!!! Congrats.

  6. Oh my goodness! Congratulations!

  7. You are either crazy or super mom! Judging from my last year + of reading your blogs, you're freaking super mom! You're like poster child for how to be a great mom. Seriously, you have 3 and you are ALWAYS doing something with them, I admire you!
    I had my first trip in public with both girls (20m & 4.5m) to the pedi, it wasn't so bad.
    I've taken them to other peoples homes by myself of course but no shopping trips for 3 in our future, quite yet.

    Annndddd CONGRATS!!!! I knew when I saw the "4" in the title. I'm good like that.

  8. hahaha krystle!! i am not super mom - i have some good eggs for kids, though ::love:: and we are antsy pants and thats why we do things every day LOL <3 thank you so much, though. take those 2 of yours out more often! they need to get used to the routine of it - then in a few months, itll be super simple!

    and thank you so much to the rest of you as well <3 we are excited!

  9. I'm late to the party, but congratulations!!!!