Tuesday, August 2, 2011

birthday wkend.

ahem. ok first of all, let me start with a cell pic from the 29th.

how sawyer colors v. aidan haha

sawyer's bday was saturday!! her 3 year pics are in the last post.

sawyer 3 year SB

click HERE for larger.

we woke her up with a song, but she's sort of like a sullen teenager LOL (ETA!! this video is the RIGHT one --- and its longer!! :) hurray!)

then i took a few pics ;)


we went to the mall for some presents and fun - a funny/scary cell pic!!

sunday was her party! woohoo!!

she did want to color at the beginning

well, and EJ's party. they shared ;) bc his bday was on thursday. i even added his name to sawyer's princess cake!!


and then we sang happy birthday!!

errrr... sawyer didnt like it. at first i thought she was being SHY!! haha why would she cry at us singing?! (well, ok, from the video above you can prob guess why. we may suck lol)




she did, however, love the cake, all of her presents, her friends who came over.... <3 thanks everyone for such a fabulous day!!! before the party, we went to the pool, though. (these are ALL point and shoot pics down below). let me say how NICE it is to take crap photos IN the pool and not worry about getting your camera wet or whatever haha p&s pool again-1

p&s pool again-2

this face has me rolling
p&s pool again-4

p&s pool again-5

p&s pool again-6

p&s pool again-7

p&s pool again-8

p&s pool again-9

yesterday, sawyer watching tv in her new cozy coupe from my parents :)

eta: dear sawyer


  1. OMG, that video is so sweet. You're right, she's like a total teen. But her little smile at the end totally melts my heart.

    Happy birthday, sweet Sawyer!

  2. That photo of her crying and covering her face is so precious though! I'm glad she cheered up afterwards.

  3. I LOVE the video! Happy Birthday Sawyer!!!

  4. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. I can't help it but I love the crying pictures. How precious! That will definitely be something you remember for the years to come!