Monday, August 15, 2011

faux bed.

so while on pinterest, i found a link to milk & honey's sneaky "faux bed" post. basically, you use seamless, a big comforter, and IDEALLY - huge pillows.

but my kids wanted their own pillow. and pillow pet. so alas. a few tips that i learned while doing it will be posted on my photo punk blog later :) next time ill do some things differently

here's the set up though -

set up-1

and some pics :)
A and Swm

kids on bed4

aidan SB2

like her new nails?
kids on bed5

aidan SB

kids on bed10

i just love them.
kids on bed11

kids on bed14

sawyer SB

kids on bed16

all of them. swoon. haha
kids on bed12


  1. This worked out so cute! I love it.

  2. So--does this mean boy? or B/G twins? :)

  3. #1. Love it. Must do it. Need new bedding ;)
    #2. Pillow pets rock!

  4. this would be a perfect setup for pics in Christmas PJs!

  5. that first picture of just sawyer is ridiculously cute!

  6. Wow, that really does look like a bed, lol!

    And Sawyer's (long!) pigtails are sooo cute! If I were you, I would have a tough time not doing her hair like that every stinkin' day, lol.