Saturday, August 27, 2011

it's a.....

with wm


4 girls. sigh and swoon at the same time. im so excited.

name = Miller. i dont know middle name yet.

from the u/s :)
Scan 20

Scan 21

look! she knows she's #4!!
Scan 23

we are just over the moon <3

eta for clarification since i seem to be getting comments that say "maybe next time!!": i feel like this is where i need to add that we were not hoping or trying for a boy :) there's no "oh man... maybe next time" no "oh boo. another girl?" only "OMG ANOTHER GIRL!?! yessss!!!!" there's no reason to assume that there is anything but excitement here :) ive always said i wanted another girl and now my dream has come true!!!


  1. OMG, congrats!! AHH!!

    And I totally thought boy, so count this is as the first time I've ever been wrong on a gender guess, lol! (;

    And not to sound rude, but are you not afraid of beer jokes for the rest of her life, lol?

  2. haha anon - no. and we can always call her millie ;)

  3. Congrats!!! What an awesome announcement. I love that idea.

  4. How exciting! LOVE the announcement! How excited are the girls?

  5. omg so excited!!

    aidan actually cried on the way there saying she did NOT want a brother LOL so lucky her.

  6. I will chose to believe I inspired the first name. DON'T TELL ME OTHERWISE. ;)

  7. Congrats, that hand picture is adorable!

  8. 4 girls will be great! i'm really glad you got your gaggle of girls. (: i'm the mirror opposite of you - i would loove my own mini football team of boys, lol!

  9. Congrats! My brother just brought his 4th girl into the world this week. ENJOY!

  10. I totally get being psyched about all girls. We have two boys and everyone asks "Are you going to try for a girl?!" or "You have to try one more time for a girl!" I love my boys and I'd be psyched to have one or two more of them! It's soooo much simpler having all the same gender!