Tuesday, August 9, 2011

natural light.

playing around yesterday and today.

the girls had a pizza picnic on the LR floor.

natural light1

then i played with natural light only and low aperture. pizza faces.
natural light2

natural light3

natural light4

today i wanted to see what morning light in the LR was like.

they gave me a serious and a happy face ;)
natural light5

natural light6

natural light7

natural light8

and a kiss but they were too busy laughing.
natural light9

and we went to the dr today for well checks!!!

reese's 15 month stats!!
weight: 21lbs 4oz (26%)
height: 31.5" (82%)
head: 18.75" (91% haha)

sawyer's 3 year stats!! brace yourself bc she is huge now lol
weight: 29lbs (40%)
height: 39" (90%)

she gained like 8lbs and 5" in a year. haha now she's back on the growth chart in full force!! way to grow, sawyer grace!!

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