Thursday, August 11, 2011

parties and messes.

lets start with yesterday.

reesey made a bit of a mess. lol



but today!!! we took the good ol point and shoot piece of crap to a FUN FUN playdate with our friends!! :) thanks K for inviting us over <3 we had a great time :) on our way... kristi's house-1

kristi's house-2

kristi had another party for sawyer bc she was sick on sawyer's party day!! :) sidenote: sawyer still hates singing lol so aidan is trying to cheer her on in my lap
kristi's house-3

reese's gross "cheeese" face
kristi's house-7

decorating cupcakes!
kristi's house-5

aidan and alex
kristi's house-6

kristi's house-8

kristi's house-9

i want to mention again how freeing it is to take a crappy pocket cam out and about. maybe ill get one of those canon G series for it instead. bc i am SICK of lugging my 7d all around to playdates lol

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