Tuesday, September 20, 2011

erm my bad.

i need to catch up. a lot. i hate when i do this. someone harass me when i go longer than 3 days without an update.

saturday - we put new pics in these frames (4 other of these frames are in other places) and hung them up (cell)

sunday - i had a shoot with an adooorable 1 year old. up on GP soon.

monday - ive been trying to clear my mac off. so these are my DVDs filled with xsi photos from 2010. of just the girls. ::paranoia:: (cell)

tuesday - i went out with my niece and took pics of her and reesey :)
reese 16mo SB

ry fb sb

wednesday - aidan and i made cinnamon toast crunch krispies lol
cinn toast crunch SB

thursday - i turned 19 weeks :)
19 weeks1

and i made this delicious thing for dinner. drool. (cell)

friday - i straightened aidan's hair lol (cell)

and reese's face in this made me el oh el. for real (cell)

saturday - we had a great day. in the morning, we took the girls to allen to twisted root


then to the fake little beach. came home for naps.

THEN we did a quick craft where we made treasure boxes :) from shoe boxes. i let them paint and all that shiz.
treasure chest painting

treasure boxes4

and then went to the plano balloon festival!! man did they have fun. sawyer was a little scared of the balloon glow, but they all LOVED the fireworks (which is funny aidan, especially, has hated even sparklers before this). sawyer kept saying "i am so happy...." :) swoon.
PBF storyboard

PBF fireowrks2

sunday - pizza picnic on a blanket outside. well sure we could have used the table right there.... ;) (cell)

monday - sawyer tried to fit into this dress. she wore it when she was 10months old at my brother's wedding LOL it wasnt as short then ;) (cell)

tuesday - A and S today :)
matching AS1

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  1. Ok now I need that recipe of the pasta dish. Lol. I know you like easy easy and so do I, so care to share? ;-) also, looks like you had a great week and the kidlets are adorbs as always.;-) BTW, is that a Baby Jogged City Select I see? How do you like it? It's a bit (er a ton) out of our price range, but i just watched a demo for it today and sorta fell in love. Haha go figure! ;-)