Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FDOS 2011 (aidan)

its that time of year again!! preschool starting!!!

first off, aidan started -- she goes mon-thurs so she started today and sawyer starts tomorrow :)

to take a small trip down memory lane, HERE was last year's FDOS! sigh, look how big aidan is now. ::tear:: and sawyer? well, we'll talk about that in tomorrow's post.

aidan 3FDOS SB

i asked aidan these q's last night :)

FDOS questions aidan

ok this is fun/interesting to me - i changed my WB so look at the colors of her striped top!
aidan FDOS SB5

my big girl!
aidan first day7

i am so mad about this pic. sigh. i still had the settings from the house/shade and this pic was totally blown out and crappy. i recovered it as best i could - but if youre wondering why their faces look like OMFG THEY HAVE NO PIGMENT (worse than normal lol) that is why.
aidan first day8

aidan FDOS SB4

aidan first day13

<3 3rd year together!! aidan FDOS SB3

bella and reese. lmao
aidan first day16

they were dancing.
aidan first day17

soooo aidan was pretty much wanting me to go. she was like "ok. see ya." she didnt cry, didnt need extra hugs, didnt even really... care LOL
aidan first day18

she was ready.
aidan first day19

aidan first day20

but sawyer wasnt - she had to give her 1 more kiss goodbye.
aidan FDOS SB2

then we went to lunch with my parents - sawyer sat in the front while we waited on them.
aidan FDOS SB

and 2 from yesterday before "meet the teacher night". aidan wanted to show off her headband lol
aidan meet the teachers2

aidan meet the teachers

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