Thursday, September 8, 2011

FDOS 2011 (sawyer)

swoon. here's a little walk down memory lane for sawyer. last year, a tiny little pony tail and cutie pie :)
sawyer 2FDOS SB

q's from last night!
sawyer FDOS questions

sawyer FDOS SB3

sawyer FDOS1

sawyer FDOS4

sawyer FDOS5

sawyer FDOS SB2

lmao reese's face
sawyer FDOS9

sawyer FDOS10

sawyer FDOS11

sawyer FDOS12

sawyer FDOS13

i love this bc she is tracing her hand - which is what aidan was showing her how to do at "meet the teachers" the other night :)
sawyer FDOS SB

my 2 big girls!!
FDOS w wm


  1. She looks so grown up compared to last year!

  2. I seriously lol'd at Reese's face and Aiden's sassy pose. Sawyer looks pretty excited to be going back to school. Super cute!!