Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the girls and room swaps.

friday, we went to the park. and ashley got a pic of the 4.5 of us ;)
20 weeks 1 day small

saturday, we went to ikea, started the great sawyer room swap (into aidan's room), and then went to ocktoberfest :)
(nice and blurry cell pic, eh?)

here was some before of aidan's room after we tossed a bunch into the middle lol
A and S room1

work in progress on sat

sunday - we finished the room. well, sort of. the bookshelves still have to go up, sawyer's name letters still have to go up, and i have 3 photo things that will be hung as well. but for now....
A and S room5

A and S room4

A and S room6

A and S room2

they are getting used to sleeping together in the same room.

yesterday sawyer found her fave outfit. sigh. (cell)

and she also found the desitin that i had left in her room. then put it on her face like makeup! at 9pm! hurray!! (EJ's cell pic.)

aidan relaxing after school today. with EJ's "parachutist" magazine.
magazine toes SB

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  1. The picture of all you girls is adorable. Love love love. Aidan / Sawyer's room stories always crack me up. Desitin on the face? Go girl.